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Pamela Smith is a long friend of the #costicaacsinte archive and now she did it again. She put together an ebook with some of Costică Acsinte pics:

I’ve now drawn together into a photobook all the images I could find showing men, women and children wearing Romanian folk dress. Sometimes their ensembles are entirely traditional, complete with rustic sandals and accoutrements such as milk churns or pottery jugs. Others pose in their charming embroidered blouses or patterned skirts but with fashionable shoes and sophisticated accessories such as smart handbags or parasols. It’s such a fascinating resource for someone interested in dress history. The choice of this kind of dress comes no doubt from a person’s idea of what is attractive or appropriate to be recorded in a formal photograph – but also from the desire to express his or her national identity at what was a turbulent period of history in Romania, as in the whole of Europe. I think these pictures make a haunting collection.

— Pamela Smith, Photographs of Romanian dress from the 1930s and 1940s

The ebook can be freely viewed online, just click the cover page:

Pamela Smith, „Costică Acsinte: Photographs of Romanian Dress“, 2017

Thank you for sharing, Pam!