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I have a great pleasure to announce that Costică Acsinte Archive received a $2.500 grant from Luminous Endowment. „The Mylio Grant: Memories and Stories“ was generously provied by Mylio, of whom i’ve already wrote about. The grant is designed to make it possible for the applicant to preserve images and the memories important to a life, or to tell one or more major stores of that life in pictures. The jury panel was comprised of people i admire (John Paul Caponigro, Joe Cornish, Eric Meola, Peter Cox, Mikkel Aaland, Ctein, Katrin Eismann, Alain Briot, Tim Wolcott, Sean Reid, William Neill, Andy Biggs, Nick Rains, Ken Duncan) and this makes me even happier.

Luminous Endowment is a wonderful project started by Michael Reichmann, well known for his Luminous Landscape website (who, by the way, recently received a long-waited face-lift). I am very grateful for him having the idea of paying it forward.


The grant will most likely found an Costică Acsinte photo-album. I will announce the details when they will be available. Reports about how funds will be spend will be published quaterly.