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Today i’ve decided to implement a new step in my workflow: Caesium image compressor. It is a Windows only software that compress image files.

As it claims a compression up to 90%, on Costică Acsinte archive it did as follows:

Number of files processed:1 3754
Original size: 1545191424 bytes (1.43 GB)
Compressed size: 735834512 bytes (701 MB)
1 8 files have been skipped (as the size didn’t changed)

That’s a 52.38% compression while keeping the metadata and the same 80% quality on jpegs.

The time needed is not noticeable at all on any modern computer.

What is to be seen is that after processing the images with Caesium, there’s any need for the wordpress plugin which uses yahoo API to compress the images. And is sometimes extremely slow in doing so. Anyways, i will still keep the plugin while i’ll be deactivating the automatic compression – at least for a while.