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I used ExifTool to extract image dimensions from the files:

exiftool.exe -T -r -FileName -ImageWidth -ImageHeight -FileSize * > data.csv

I uploaded the csv into a google spreadsheet and i generate a graph from those values.

Since the jpeg should be no more than 1200px on the largest side, you can easily spot where i fucked up. If both ImageWidth and ImageHeight are over 1200 (two cases) it means i forgot to resize the pic. If only one of ImageWidth or ImageHeight is over 1200 (another four cases) it means i wrongly resized a portrait pic as a landscape one or the other way around.

The same ExifTool is used to check for bitdepth:

exiftool.exe -T -r -FileName -BitsPerSample ./* > data.csv

No surprise here, except the first five or six plates which were scanned in 48bits and couple of more plates scanned reflectively (to show some weird colored spots and also a plate box cover).