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Yesterday i’ve start working on a article („Aspecte tehnice privind Colecția Costică Acsinte“) for describing the digitization process i use at Costică Acsinte Archive. Now i’m planning a print-ready version, probably tomorrow will be ready.

Besides usually scans, today i’ve finished digitizing 20 postcards printed by Costică Acsinte. Nothing unusual except they have been borrowed from a private collection that belongs to Sava Ștefan. I didn’t finished adding the metadata yet but i can show you two version of the same print:


Number of items digitized 18 + 20×2 (58)
Size on disk 7778205696 bytes (7.24 GB)
Total area scanned TBA cm²

Here’s the first part of the Sava’s contribution to the Costică Acsinte’s Archive. Enjoy and stay tuned, the rest will follow shortly after (ok, maybe tomorrow):