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Everything started smooth and nice this morning. Till i decided to update VueScan to and shit happened. 24 plated digitized for nothing, due to a software’s bug. As i said before, i save the raw scans in dng format and that particular version of VueScan generates corrupt dng files. Some programs complained that file is not supported (Google Picasa and Windows Explorer via DNG Coded v2.0), other complained that the file is not closed (Adobe Photoshop CC) or just plain wrong type (as Adobe Photoshop Elements 9). Anyways, after a shameful downgrade to v9.3.23 everything went ok. (I’ve reported the problem and i’m waiting for an answer from Hamrick — I’ll let you know how it goes.)


Useless attempt to open the corrupt dng file

That’s why the stats for today are not so impressive.


Number of plates digitized 31
Size on disk 1.757.367.534 bytes (1,63 GB)
Total area scanned 3583 cm²