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Half day of work lost!
It all started when i thought it was a good ideea to force VueScan to generate a small thumb beside the raw file. The thumbs were supposed to be jpeg, 10 factor reduced. That was yesterday and since then i realized that those small jpeg files were of no use since my workflow generates 1200px jpeg anyway. So, today i disabled the jpeg thumbs. The problem is the reduction factor of 10 remains active.

Raw size reduction now set to 1 as usual

Raw size reduction now set to 1 as usual

Couple of minutes ago i’ve noticed that this morning all i made was 100x200px (or so) dng files. Fuck! The pain…


Number of plates digitized 31
Size on disk 1.401.157.706 bytes (1.3GB)
Total area scanned 3415.5 cm²