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Costică Acsinte

Costică Acsinte - Costică Acsinte Archive

Costică Acsinte (stage-name of Constantin Axinte, born on 4th of July 1897, Perieți, Ialomița county — deceased on 7th of January 1984, Slobozia) was a romanian war photographer active in World War I and after.

— From Wikipedia article „Costică Acsinte“.

This is the official website of Costică Acsinte Archive project who’s main objective is the digitization and long term storage of Costică Acsinte’s photographic work: around 5.000 glass plates negative, a much smaller number of film negative and an unknown number of phorographic prints. The gross of the archive is in the custody of Ialomița County Museum.

My name is Cezar Popescu and i run the project by myself.


This website exists because of these people.

Cezar Popescu

Born on January 8, 1976, photography enthusiast with lots of spare time. All-arounder at Costică Acsinte Archive.

Radu Jude

Radu is a film director. And he made a movie using some Costică Acsinte’s photographs, called „Țara moartă / The Dead Nation“.

Andrei Bădoiu

Andrei is a chemist, first class philatelist and a passionate photographer. He is also a very good friend of mine.

Denisa Niță

Born on June 14, 1993, Denisa is studying journalism. And writes. Very well actually.

Joe Phelan

Born and raised in Dublin, Joe Phelan is interested in photography, art and journalism. He reviews books on Bookmunch. You can get in contact with him on twitter.


Milena Harrison-Gray

Freelance Picture Researcher & Photo Editor at Archive Weaver, Milena tirelessly tagged Acsinte’s photographs on Flickr, increasing their visibility.

Jonathan Morse

A professor of English at the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus in Honolulu, Jon writes about photography and the ways that its images work together with language.

Anca-Maria Pănoiu

Ethnology student, Anca wrote a long article about Costică Acsinte: „Pe urmele lui Costică Acsinte. Rămășițe“.

Ana Barton

Owner and writer at, editorial manager at and senior editor at Beau Monde Mirese.

Luchian Abel

Born on November 15, 1986 in same town where Costică Acsinte had his photographic studio, Luchian Abel is a journalist for Observator24 newspaper and Times New Roman.

Daniel Moanță

Daniel Moanță is a romanian language teacher in Slobozia, Ialomița. And an old (elementary school old) friend of mine.

Several friends send us prints made by Acsinte, from their personal collection.

If you have such a prints, please do contact us, we would be more than happy to add them to Costică Acsinte Archive.

Constantinescu Nicolae

Constantinescu Nicolae

Constantinescu Nicolae supplied us four photographs paper prints from his personal collection. Mulțumim, Nicu!

Valentin Minciu

Valentin Minciu

Valentin Minciu borrowed us three photographs on paper from his personal collection. Mulțumim, Vali!

Clementina Tudor

Clementina contributed to the archive 15 prints from her family album. Mulțumesc mult, Cleme!

Ileana Șerban-Pârâu

Ileana kindly send me a photograph made by Costică Acsinte from her personal album. Merci mult, Ileana!

Roșca Petre Valeriu

Valeriu gave us 11 pictures made by Costică Acsinte, including the oldest known studio photograph, date January 1928! Mulțumesc, Petre!

Pîslaru Bogdan Cosmin

Pîslaru Bogdan Cosmin sent us more than 80 prints.

Cristina Georgescu

Cristina Georgescu kindly brought us a print from her personal collection. I mean she traveled more than 100km to Slobozia and handed the print — that’s dedication!

Anca Danielescu

Anca sent us with 4 prints and 2 digital photographs.

Radu Emanuel Mihai

Claudiu’s brother, Radu did the same helpful operation: translation from romanian into english. Because of him and his brother, Acsinte’s Flickr account is now more accessible.

Ștefan Sava

Ștefan Sava contributed 28 prints from his personal collection.

Maria Zaru

Occasional scribbler, researcher of dreams and semiotics amateur, often imagines a world of straightforward happiness. Has helped with translations, editing and proofreading.

Claudiu Mihai

Claudiu Mihai volunteered to help in his free time (he’s a busy full-time medic): he quietly translated and improved my sometimes awkward pictures’ description from romanian into english.

Carmen Botoșaru

Carmen provided the most recent known picture made by Costică Acsinte. You can see it here.

Official Sponsors of Costică Acsinte Archive project

Besides almost 100 (some of them are listed here, others here) people that trusted me enough to financially help the project, there are also two companies (for now) who decided to become sponsors of my project.

SC Orion SRL Slobozia

Tatiana Pop, SC Orion’s CFO, kindly co-sponsored the printing costs of Foto-Splendid second volume, „Doamne și Domnițe“. Mulțumim Tatiana!

IDimager Systems

Hert Vanzwietering kindly agreed to help the project with a free licence for his extremely powerful photo-management software, Photo Supreme.

E Pluribus Unum

Aurelia Ciupercă of „E Pluribus Unum“ NGO, co-sponsored the printing costs of Foto-Splendid second volume, „Doamne și domnițe“. Mulțumim mult, Aurelia!

The Luminous Endowment for Photographers

Luminous Endowment

Mario-Cezar Popescu recognizes the Luminous Endowment for Photographers for making a significant financial contribution to support the „Memories and Stories“ Preservation of the Costică Acsinte Archive project. Without such support, this project would not have been possible.



Mylio offered Costică Acsinte Archive a five year pro account for their great distributed DAM software. For details, read the blog post. Thank you, guys!